Drive Scope version 1.1 now available - with NVMe Support

Get SMART data from solid state drives in the latest Macs. Current users, simply choose Check for Update from the Drive Scope menu. If you don't yet have Drive Scope, read on...

The solid state drives (SSDs) that Apple uses in it's newest Macs* use a new connection type, called NVMe. Until now, no utility was available that could read the SMART attributes from these drives - including Apple's Disk Utility. Beginning with the latest update, version 1.1.1, Drive Scope can read the data on these drives, providing access to your drive's health data.

Hard drives (and solid state drives) are the most failure prone components in your Mac. For that very reason, in fact, drive manufacturers have built in self monitoring, analysis and reporting technology right into the drive. (a.k.a. SMART) Most utilities barely scratch the surface of this information, simply reporting the bare essentials: pass or fail. Too often, once the overall failure has occurred, there isn't enough time to get important data from the drive. With Drive Scope you can see into the health of most any drive connected to your Mac.**

Be SMART about your hard drives

Get the full picture of your hard drive's health. Drive Scope provides the most in-depth look into the SMART attributes of your hard drives.

Solid State compatible

SMART was invented for rotational hard drives, but solid state drives utilize it as well - and Drive Scope supports both.

Advance failure warnings

Building on the technology found in Techtool Pro, Drive Scope will give advance warning when a drive is on the path to failure, giving you more time to back up your data and replace your drive. Requirements for Drive Scope:

• Intel-based Macs

• OS X 10.8.5 or greater, including macOS High Sierra

* Models include MacBooks (2015-2017), MacBook Pros (2016-2017) and iMac (2017).

** Third party extension required for reading SMART data on external drives.


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