TechTool Pro 10.1.1 Update

Version 10.1.1
File Size 180,4 MB

Hoe kunt u deze update uitvoeren?

Om deze update uit te voeren, start u het geïnstalleerde TechTool Pro 10 programma en selecteert de Check For Updates... onder het TechTool Pro 10 menu. Om een bestaande eDrive bij te werken, start u met de eDrive en selecteert u Check For Updates...

Gebruikers van eerdere versies, kunnen de TechTool Pro 10 upgrade kopen via onze website.



• Fixed Battery Check test crash during application launch.

• Fixed an issue in which Volume Rebuild would fail during Rechecking Structures.

• Fixed an issue with rebuilding a volume that was already unmounted.

• Fixed issues encountered in the Surface Scan test when testing volumes connected via Target Disk mode.

• Fix for a situation in which RAM Disks would display in devices lists when booted from a TechTool Protogo device.

• Enhanced detection of iOS devices via Wi-Fi and physical USB connections for the Battery Check test.

• Added Mount/Unmount Volume button to the Volume Structures test.

• Added battery state for iOS devices in the Battery Check test.

• Added battery manufacturer information in the Battery Check test.

• Added Tooltip information for Battery Check test.

• Updated Battery Check to correctly obtain device information on an iOS device running iOS 12.

• Updated Sensors Test for MacBook Pro (2018) support.

• Updated Processor Check tool for MacBook Pro (2018) support.

• Updated SMART Check test to address an issue with active SoftRAID drivers.

• Updated ‘Location:’ to ‘Assembled in:’ for the Check Computer configuration panel to avoid confusion.

• Updated the Local Network tool for recognition of new Bonjour service types.

• Updated English, French, German and Japanese versions of the TechTool Pro 10 PDF manual.

• Updated French, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified) localization.

• Updated Sparkle framework to version 1.20.0.

• Updated location and computer identification strings for Check Computer.

• Other minor fixes and corrections.


For complete change list, see the ReadMe file.


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